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Genetic testing: 20% discount

Nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics are the science of how your unique DNA or gene variations, interact with other environmental factors, the food we eat, our lifestyle and exercise habits. We are now able to provide personalised dietary and lifestyle advice based on your unique DNA and genotype to reduce your risk of any chronic disease and enable you to achieve optimal health.

Disccover your genetic potential, risk for chronic disease and weight loss strategies that is individually tailor-made for you

Procedure to follow:

1) Choose your test: Visit DNAlysis: and decide which tests are most relevant to you. We recommend the following tests

  • DNA Diet
  • DNA Health
  • DNA Active or Sport
  • DNA Oestrogen
  • DNA Mind

(usual price: R4750.00)

Procedure to follow:


  1. Contact or 021 851 6228 to register


  1. Test can be done at Vergelegen Dietitians OR will be couriered to you and you do the swab sample in the comfort of your home, and courier back to the laboratory


  1. As soon as your results are ready, we will contact you to schedule a feedback session
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Vitality Nutrition Assessments
All Vitality members can earn 1 000 points for visiting a dietitian!

Vitality’s new weight loss program, Vitality Weight Loss Rewards, will be replacing the traditional Vitality Nutrition Consultation.
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